Trade Show Booth Tips


To stay competitive in their specific industries, a number of business owners rely on their trade show exhibits to generate continued customer interest and to showcase how their companies stand above others in the same niche. As the new trade show season is starting, many are evaluating their current approach to exhibiting at one or more of these shows. In order to have a top-notch trade show booth, preparation typically starts months ahead of time.

Owners and managers are looking at the hard numbers from past years and considering how they can possibly bring in more sales revenue to surpass the initial expense of a trade show display. Revamping a set of banners and backdrops is one proven way to attract more interest from trade show visitors, and a new display will send the message that a company is up to date on current trends for marketing and promotion.

For interested business owners planning a new trade show display, the first planning stage involves looking at how well a booth design and layout fit with the company culture. Marketing messages also play a big role in the final exhibit’s appearance and overall set-up. Elements to plan and select include banners screen-printed with photos, graphics and company logos. For clients who have questions about where to start with a new exhibit, consulting a professional trade show booth designer can help with these early planning stages. Consultants offer suggestions for banner displays that will fit with each customer’s type of business, trade show budget, available floor space and specific marketing goals.

Business owners choosing custom banners first need to select the sizes and types they want to order, and then they can upload their artwork to a banner designer’s website. Popular options for finished banner stand kits include straight, curved or tension fabric banner displays. Some upcoming niche trade shows include electronics, home improvement, publishing, travel and real estate. Each of these can benefit greatly from the visual advertising of exhibit booths with