Before The Trade Show


First time exhibitors can find themselves in a bind when they don’t fully read the “Exhibitor Rules and Regulations” document published in the respective trade show kit.

The physical logistics of exhibiting at a trade show are often left until the end of preparation and then completed in a hurry.

Start planning the physical side for your shows at least nine months in advance. Before registering to participate as an exhibitor you should understand that the fee to rent a space is a small part of the overall cost of the show. As an exhibitor you should determine how many shows you can afford to attend over the course of a year. Download and read each show’s rules and regulations before registering and understand the requirements of each show.

Questions that you need to have answered for each and every show include;

1) Do I need to supply a physical booth structure within my rented space? Some shows use pipe and curtain backdrops and other show organizers insist that a complete stand-alone booth (back and sides) must be used and are not supplied.

2) How tall can the booth be within my allotted space, at the back, sides, and front of the space?

3) Will the booth space be carpeted or do I have to supply my own flooring?

4) Do I need to purchase utilities for my booth such as water, electricity or even fuel for cooking?

5) What security is available before, during and after the show? Do I have to pay for security?

6) Am I allowed to set up my own booth and when can I begin)

7) How long after the show do I have to remove the booth?

8) How am I going to transport my booth to the show sites?

9) Will I need accommodation for the duration of the show?

Based on answers to these questions you can begin to develop a budget for each show. The physical cost has to be tallied before you can begin designing your booth layout.

Once you meet the physical needs you can start addressing the ‘wants’ for your booth.